Introducing myself and my background

Adrián Cidre


May 29, 2023

Introducing myself

My name is Adrián Cidre González, and I hold a degree in Forestry Engineering from the University of Santiago de Compostela. Currently, I am pursuing my master’s degree in Geomatics, Remote Sensing, and Spatial Models applied to Forest Management at the University of Córdoba (Spain).

Not only am I a dedicated student, but I am also actively involved in practical research. I am currently working as a research assistant in the LIFE-FAGESOS project at the University of Córdoba. This project allows me to contribute to cutting-edge work related to forest management, protection and sustainability.

Within the scope of my research, I specialize in data analysis, specifically as a data analyst. One of my primary responsibilities involves creating models of pests in Europe for the LIFE-PROJECT that I am currently engaged in. Using my skills in the R environment, I perform spatial data analysis and modeling, as well as remote sensing analysis.

In addition to my academic pursuits and research, I am excited to use this blog as a platform to share my work, courses, and other fascinating topics that will engage and inform the public. By providing valuable insights into my field and showcasing the projects I am involved in, I aim to spark interest and foster a greater understanding of the importance of forestry, geomatics, and data analysis in sustainable forest management.